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Cappuccino nib2cib bindings are here.

January 18, 2011

I probably love programming Cappuccino apps as much as I love programming in Cocoa. Until last week though, one of the most powerful features in Cocoa, bindings in the NIB file, was not available. To bind NIB object values to a key path, you had to do so programmatically:

[myTextField bind:@”value” toObject:anObject  withKeyPath@”aKey” options:nil];

This also meant I had to create outlets for each control I had to bind and then connect those controls in the NIB.

Now, I thrown in an instance of CPObjectController (or one of it’s subclasses), set the content, and set the bindings to all the controls right in the NIB. Far less work.

280North, the folks who created Objective-J and Cappuccino, was bought by Motorola last year. Happily, development of this awesome frame hasn’t slowed a bit and perhaps has even sped up. More and more apps are appearing on the web, and I imagine there are many more to come. Of the new “full application” frameworks that have recently emerged, it certainly seems to be taking an early lead.

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